Console (CLI)

Autarky ships with the Symfony 2 Console component for making CLI interfaces to your application. The console application is invoked by running php app/console.php, which will show a list of available commands.

If you have an existing Command class, you can add it by adding a line to your app/console.php file:

$console->add(new MyNamespace\MyCommand(/* ... */));

If your command has dependencies that should be resolved from the container, you can do the following:

$container = $app->getContainer();
$command = $container->resolve('MyNamespace\MyCommand');

If you want your commands to lazily resolve dependencies for performance reasons, it's best to pass the $container instance to the command and then call $container->resolve() inside the command's fire() method.

Service providers can configure the console application via their bootConsole(ConsoleApplication $app) method:

use Symfony\Component\Console\Application as ConsoleApplication;
public function bootConsole(ConsoleApplication $app) {}